Grid Connections

For any individual solar installation to be viable, the power generated must be transferable. It can either be used by the producer via a direct connection into a factory or other premises, or the installation must be connected via power transmission lines or substations to the grid operated by the regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

The grid connection has to be arranged with the local DNO company. Network capacity is scarce in certain parts of the country and should be assessed and reserved as early as possible if subsequent delays are to be avoided. ROC Energy has the capacity to converse with DNO’s at multiple levels to establish line or substation capacity and to assess site suitability.

The costs of grid connection are site-specific, but the main influencing factors are:

  • Connection voltage.
  • Physical location and access to the network.
  • Network capacity and availability.
  • Upgrade requirement
  • Generation technology.

Our team, many of whom have worked within DNO’s can again challenge and address connection charges to ensure that project costs are minimised and the best possible value for money solution is delivered.

The general procedure entails an initial connection enquiry, connection application and design, construction, testing and commissioning.

The costs vary between DNOs and are also dependent on the connection voltage. Design fees range from a few hundred pounds for small low voltage connections to several thousands for connections to the 33 kV network.

The DNO then has a three month period in which to design and cost an appropriate connection and identify the contestable and non-contestable works.

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Grid Connections