Finance / Investment

ROC Energy’s turnkey solar park and solar roof projects provide a high internal rate of return over a minimum period of 20 years and up to a maximum of 99 years.

As a full service solar provider that specialises in everything from site identification and development through to construction, operation and maintenance, ROC Energy is able to offer professional advice at each stage of an installation’s life cycle including:

  • Site search, evaluation, selection and lease negotiation.
  • Site development including planning, grid connection, legal support and design.
  • Creation of efficient commercial structures that comply with UK tax regulations.
  • Procuring third party funding of solar projects.
  • Financial evaluation of solar projects to identify and negotiate an optimal sales strategy.
  • Construction of the solar facility.
  • Compliance with all relevant standards and documentation to meet investor requirements.
  • On-going operations and maintenance.

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Finance / Investment

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Finance / Investment