Solar development is the term given to the construction of new installations that did not previously exist. As a progressive renewables specialist, ROC Energy continually seeks opportunities to develop both land based and roof mounted solar installations. If you have land or roof space that may be suitable, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Following an initial discussion, we will arrange a feasibility study to establish the true potential presented. This feasibility study will include:

  • An assessment of the orientation and irradiance of the site.
  • A combination of desktop and on site exercises to identify the solar kWh potential of the site.
  • Land surveys encompassing archaeological, substructure, acidity, topographical, visual landscaping, flood risk, highways and access evaluations.
  • A Letter of Authorisation giving ROC Energy permission to talk with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).
  • A roof structure appraisal where required to identify any potential load bearing issues.
  • A full structural survey where required by a chartered structural engineer.
  • The contractual agreements required to successfully complete the solar installation.

Once this initial review has been completed, the returns that can realistically be expected can be discussed.

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